For Our "Do-it-Yourselfers"

Looking for a special type of flower in a certain color? Ask us! We're the experts in finding the flowers whose name you might have a difficult time pronouncing. If all you have is a photo, send it to us and chances are we'll know what it is, where we can get it, if it's in season, and when to arrange its shipment and delivery so that it arrives with plenty of life remaining to your special event. If there are any special care instructions, our 35 years of experience and knowledge will guide you through your selections so that there are no hidden surprises.

Investing in large quantities of flowers requires careful knowledge of seasonal inventory, the reputation of the grower you are purchasing from, and the attention to delivery details to ensure that your shipment arrives fresh and will last until the days past your event. By working with Flowers 'n Fun, you are working with a local distributor who stands behind their service to you to ensure that you receive the value that you pay for.