Serving Hawaii For Over 35 Years

Wayne and Sue Yabiku have served their Hawaii customers since 1976. Starting from the back of a van and many deliveries later, Flowers 'n Fun opened in 1998 to accomodate the growing number of wholesale orders as well as their retail customers.

Today's flower affecionados are more sophisticated in their floral tastes and appreciate the exotic assortment of blooms available from all around the world for their special events and projects. Flowers 'n Fun works with you in bringing in fresh, high quality flowers from all parts of the globe.

Flowers 'n Fun continues to service their commercial clientele as well as individuals looking for flowers and accessories in large quantities and varieties for their special events such as weddings or banquets.

What our customers have to say...

"Wayne and Sue have the best selection of cut tropical flowers around; what they don't have they can order. Mainland flowers are also here in abundance. Their in-store selection amazing, with many unusual varieties. While they don't do weddings, they can provide flowers for the wedding floral stylist to arrange. Many of the beautiful floral arrangements in swanky hotels and offices around town are from Flowers & Fun." - Karen J. (